ComSystems IT - Шаг 2: Выбор партнера по внедрению CRM

Шаг 2: Выбор партнера по внедрению CRM

STEP TWO of every CRM Evaluation is to select the right CRM implementation partner.

We won’t bore you with the obvious details of due diligence. Instead, we offer a few “tricks of the trade” that will hopefully divide the sheep from the goats.

CRM Due Diligences

First, check out the partner’s website. If it looks simple and clear, then the odds are high that your future CRM design will also be simple. But if the site is convoluted and unclear, watch out!

Research the References and Rolloutss

Secondly, research their references and past implementations. If possible, take a look at some previous database designs. This should give you a good feel for the clarity and simplicity they build in to their design. This is another fantastic indicator of what you can expect.

Most Important: The Focus should be on you rather than their CRM Software

Thirdly, make sure they are interested in your business and your business processes! Watch out if they are more interested in showing you their features and their product – in contrast to grasping your business and your priorities. Let them lead you through the meetings you have. Stop talking, and start listening to how they conduct the initial meetings. Are they asking good questions? Or are they making assumptions that they already understand your business and your processes? Are they taking the time to “get” you and your goals? How ever they treat you at the beginning will likely describe what you can expect for the entire term of the relationship. True CRM consultants will make sure that the focus is on you rather than their own “fantastic” software.

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