ComSystems IT - Что такое CRM система? (Цели использования CRM)

Что такое CRM система? (Цели использования CRM)

What is CRM – Organize Your Prospects and Clients

CRM (Customer relationship management) is a process that will help a company organize clients, new customers, sales marketing and more. CRM allows any company who uses it to enter data, store that data and allow employees in many departments to access that data in a secure way.

Some of the goals of CRM are listed for your review
  • 1.You can use CRM to build a bigger list of customers. This will help you to track your customer and see how to give the clients the products and services they want and need.
  • 2.You can use CRM to fill your sales pipe line and keep it full of clients to sell your product to.
  • 3.Cut marketing and sales costs by improving customer service and more.
  • 4.Attract new clients and keep in touch with existing customers.
  • 5.You can use CRM to help keep customers and offer up-sells and cross selling to increase sales.
CRM will help you when it comes to developing marketing campaigns, turning those who respond into customers or giving them more information until they buy. CRM will allow you to track orders and offer continued customer support.

What is a CRM System – Sales, Marketing, Service, Management

CRM can be used by your sales department, marketing department, customer service department, your management team and the executive team. Add CRM to your accounting staff and any where you see fit. The thing about CRM is that it can be customized by your CRM provider to fit the needs of your business.

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